Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated?

Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated?

Get an electrical panel upgrade for your home in Houston, TX

Do you experience frequent power outages? Are your circuits breaking more than usual? It might be time for an electrical panel upgrade. Let Trevino Electric assess the condition of your current panel and bring it up to code.

Are you adding new rooms to your home? If so, getting an electrical panel upgrade is key to evenly distributing power to your new room. Our team in Houston, TX will make sure your new panel is fully equipped to take on the additional space. Call now to schedule your appointment.

When should you get an electrical panel replacement?

Over time, key systems within the home need to be replaced. Your electrical panel isn't exempt. Consider the signs you need a comprehensive electrical panel replacement:

  • Your electrical panel is 20 years old
  • You experience frequent outages and flickering lights
  • You begin to notice burning smells coming from your panel

Replacing your electrical panel is key to preventing power outages and house fires.

Schedule your electrical panel replacement in Houston, TX today.